Game Development Schools in the Philippines

As fans of video games, I’m sure most of us have wondered how video games are actually made. Some really passionate gamers take the said question to heart and eventually get to help make games themselves. These people become game development professionals.

People who work in the game development industry are a varied bunch. There are game designers, game programmers, game artists/animators, game testers, game producers, and other less common roles. In the Philippines and for several years now, schools have been offering game development courses that enable students to take up the highly-specialized roles that function in creating a video game.

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Did you know that Filipino artists worked on Uncharted 2 and 3?

It’s no secret that the Uncharted series developed by Naughty Dog has been one of the best games this generation. Nathan Drake’s adventures has also been a hit with gamers in the Philippines, and the November 2011 release of Uncharted 3 was highly anticipated in our shores. A lesser known fact about the Uncharted games though is that Filipino development studios did art outsourcing work for Uncharted 2 and 3.

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Say Hello to Vidjogames

What is Vidjogames?

Vidjogames is website that’s aspiring to be the go-to site for video gamers in the Philippines. The site will cover gaming consoles, portables/mobile, and PC gaming, and will be written specifically for the Filipino gaming community.  To make the site cater to the Filipino gamer, reviews of games and gaming devices will include prices from popular retail stores, local release dates and prices will be spotlighted, feature stories will center on issues faced by the Filipino gamer, local gaming events will be covered, and lastly, the Filipino game development community will be covered as well (the author works in the local game development industry).

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