In Defense of Datablitz: Analyzing Datablitz’s Official Statements regarding CIDG Raid, Inside Sources Speak Out (updated)

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Datablitz has released an official statement in response to the CIDG raids that took place earlier this week.

The official statement was released this morning and can be read below in its original form:

To Our Beloved Gaming Community & Friends,

Monday, Nov. 5, 2012, will be remembered as a day of infamy and shame for the gaming industry with XPlay initiating a disgraceful harassment action against DataBlitz for alleged selling of “unauthorized” stocks of NBA 2K13.

Yesterday, XPlay released an official statement listing down various details of meetings between XPlay and DataBlitz in the weeks leading to the launch of NBA 2K13. In spite of all that’s been said in their press release, they’ve conveniently omitted the most pertinent details:

1. All the meetings that took place between Xplay and DataBlitz were initiated at the request of XPlay. DataBlitz has never asked to meet with XPlay and were only asked to participate in meetings and/or to join XPlay’s so-called “marketing programs” (which are really nothing more than just glamorized parlor game events). DataBlitz participated in the meetings and “marketing programs” out of courtesy to XPlay and no such thing as “primary partnership”, whatsoever was ever discussed, offered, nor penned on paper, whatsoever.

2. Apart from just saying that they will be distributing NBA 2K13, XPlay has never indicated in any form of writing or communications whatsoever to DataBlitz that they are the exclusive distributor of the game.

3. Thirdly, and this is the most important and glaring omission in XPlay’s press release: in spite of the above, the fact is that DataBlitz still went ahead and purchased a considerable quantity of NBA 2K13 stocks from XPlay as a gesture of goodwill towards XPlay, even knowing that they are still very new to the industry of console games, without any proven track record whatsoever to speak of along this front.

However, it is the understanding of DataBlitz that XPlay is just another reseller of the game, and as we still live in a free country the last time we checked, DataBlitz reserves its right to buy stocks of the game from other sources, apart from XPlay, so long as these are legitimate, genuine, brand-new, original games, that are and always have been the hallmark of our product offerings to our customers.

DataBlitz has been in the gaming industry for over 17 years now, and our record speaks for itself, we have always maintained a pristine reputation as the one reliable source for original and genuine games at reasonable prices. From the very beginning when piracy dominated the market 17 years ago and up to this day that we have been able to steadily educate our consumers (without harassing anyone) about buying and patronizing original games and software, we have remained steadfast in our core belief of looking after the welfare of the gaming public first and foremost.

If there suddenly are now parties out there who see the vibrancy of the gaming industry as a way to profit immensely by using sham claims of being the only party that possesses “authorized” stocks (whatever that means) in order to shove overpriced games down the throats of the gaming public, this kind of modus is just against the core principles of DataBlitz and something we just cannot and will not go along with.

At the end of the day, we have the welfare of our customers at heart, not the twisted desires of these opportunists. Even if it means this will be a lonely battle, as Monday’s events have shown that we were very obviously the only one unjustly and unreasonably singled out, we shall always remain as the one beacon of light and hope for gamers everywhere and carry on the good fight to stop such forms of profiteering through harassment.


The release answers some of the questions that I had about this whole thing. It’s pretty amazing that X-Play continues to say that they are the exclusive distributor of NBA 2K13 in the country without formally informing Datablitz prior to NBA 2K13 going on sale, and without showing any document detailing its agreement with 2K Sports / Take 2  (or whoever publishes NBA 2K13 in Asia). It’s even more amazing when Datablitz revealed that they actually bought copies of  NBA 2K13 from X-Play and X-Play did not disclose this in their original statement.The fact that X-Play did not reveal such an important piece of information makes me question the validity of their claims. Full disclosure is very important in legal matters such as this one.


According to X-Play New Media Group Head George Royeca, “Take 2 Interactive recognizes X-Play as the exclusive distributor of the NBA 2k13 games in all platforms in the Philippines.” However, when asked why X-Play has not released any formal documentation/contract, Mr. Royeca says:

You guys have to understand that the legal situation in the states is different here in the Philippines. Whenever a company releases a “statement” in the states they would need to go through a lot of legal counsels. We have informed Take 2 Interactive about this and they have been investigating as well.

We would love to release to the public the contract, but we were advised by our lawyers that we can’t do so for the meantime.

Original article continues:

Additionally, I was able to speak to two sources (who will remain anonymous) from within  Datablitz. The first source, familiar with how DB’s items are brought to the country, said that all of DB’s games come from authorized distributors and pass through the Bureau of Customs (BOC). This means that Datablitz pays taxes and does the proper paperwork to legally put gaming merchandise they bought from outside the country, into their local branches and sell them to local consumers. In NBA 2K13’s case, the source said that original copies of the game were bought from a distributor in Singapore and that their stocks also passed through the Bureau of Customs.

This invalidates claims made by the CIDG and reported by media outlets such as Inquirer and Philstar, saying that Datablitz smuggled copies of NBA 2K13 into the country. It should be noted however that the source’s statements are not official statements from Datablitz, Datablitz has not yet released any customs documents, and the Bureau of Customs has not made any statements regarding the matter. Still, Datablitz has been selling original copies of games for almost 2 decades and they have had no prior cases of smuggling. If their reputation is anything to go by, it’s safe to say that their copies of 2K13 also passed through the BOC.


Datablitz has released a second statement, denying that their games/merchandise are pirated/smuggled, addressing the unjust detainment of DB employees, and shedding some light on what they plan to do in the future, in relation to the entire raiding / smuggling fiasco:

To our friends & family in gaming,

We wish to further dispel the false news reports that have circulated the past few days. The seized NBA 2K13 stocks are not pirated nor smuggled goods. DataBlitz has never sold any pirated games, not then, not now and not ever. The games are genuine, original stocks that came from legitimate suppliers, and had gone through the proper importation channels with taxes & duties properly paid.

The basis and reason for the seizure of the goods was that these were allegedly “unauthorized” stocks, without XPlay stickers, and taken away under the supervision of the lawyers of XPlay, who supervised the whole process up to and including the most unjust detention of our staff who were merely doing their work of manning our stores and trying to make an honest living.

We look forward to contesting the “unauthorized” stocks issue and the truthfulness and validity of the exclusivity claim in the proper fora in due time.

Meanwhile, from the bottom of our hearts, a million billion gazillion thanks for the outpouring of support we’ve received from our beloved gaming community and from gamers in general everywhere. You are our inspiration and your support is the source of our strength in everything that we do since our inception. There is no DataBlitz today without you and for this, we shall forever be grateful. In this dark hour, you have stood by us and have come to our defense, and the least we can do is to continue to work hard and fight each and everyday for the welfare of gamers everywhere! MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT PO!!!

Original article continues:

The second source I was able to speak to experienced the raid and the arrests firsthand. According to the source, the CIDG personnel only had search warrants which the source acknowledged by letting the CIDG search the Datablitz branch the source worked in. However, CIDG personnel also forced Datablitz personnel to come with them (without an arrest warrant) to Camp Crame. Any attempt by the source to resist was met with more threats.

A total of 32 employees of Datablitz were detained in Camp Crame. According to my first source, the employees were detained for one day and a half. My second source adds that the detained employees were shouted at by policemen in Camp Crame and were threatened to be put in jail cells if they do not do as they were told. In addition to having their mug shots taken, the detained Datablitz personnel were made to fill out forms that, my source believes, were for individuals arrested for criminal offenses. The second source says that a  policeman even asked for money (“pang snack lang”) from one of one of Datablitz’s employees/executives who were on the scene. The second source also revealed that Datablitz’s head office in Pasay City was also raided, and that CIDG personnel even discredited the company from the applicants who were present, telling them to discontinue their application to Datablitz because Datablitz sells pirated games. 

The second source added that eventually, the female employees who were detained were allowed to go home; and that the male employees who remained were the ones who were charged. This explains why the 11 employees who were charged with violating the the Intellectual Property Rights law are all male going by their names. While the second source’s statements may not tell the whole picture, I can’t take the charges seriously if they let the female employees walk (presumably because they are female) and just charge the male employees who remained. All of the employees were present at branches that had stocks of NBA 2K13 so why didn’t they charge everyone? If they were actually serious about the charges, they would have charged everyone and not a select few.This isn’t me actually wanting the DB employees to be charged (I don’t think they should be charged with anything), I’m just pointing out that the CIDG’s charges/claims can’t be taken seriously if they let people slide because of gender. It means they’re just charging people for the sake of doing so.

Again, I have to stress that like my first source’s statements, my second source’s statements are not official statements from Datablitz .


Another source with a firsthand account  has contacted me, saying that the statements about regarding the search and arrests are accurate.


61 thoughts on “In Defense of Datablitz: Analyzing Datablitz’s Official Statements regarding CIDG Raid, Inside Sources Speak Out (updated)

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  2. God damn… Who the fuck is XPlay? Where the fuck did they come from? And why are they trying to ruin the Philippine Video Game scene with overpriced crap and squashing competition?

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  4. will GMA news be punished for

    1. falsely and maliciously using the word “pirated” and “fake software” in their news reports
    2. not disclosing in their news reports that they are business partners with xplay
    3. conspiring with xplay to malign the reputatin of datablitz

  5. Just been thinking about it and you know, games are released in the US for 60$. That’s 2,460. How does Datablitz release it’s games for 2k? Sana mas calma ang pag asikaso ng issue na ‘to, but DB is also smelling fishy. Maybe before we make assessments, we need to see papers from both sides. Just to be fair. You can’t just makes an arrest without any proof and it’s understandable for this info not to be released right away, they never are. Don’t want to take sides here, info too fresh without any proof yet. but there are points to both sides.

    • Louie, you’re probably talking about the price difference between a US (R1) release against the cheaper Asia (R3) version. Datablitz sells both versions and it is up to the gamer to decide which one to purchase. I always buy the “more expensive” US versions, though, since I have a US PSN account. Technically speaking, the Philippines is a grey market—meaning we are not officially supported by the devs and publishers like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Have you tried creating a PSN account with a Philippine address? Games are procured thru international distributors and parallel importation happens.

      • BOBO KA BA HA? lahat ng games ng DATABLITZ puro US version lang.. wag ka ng c-comment pag bobo ka. tyaka pinag tatangol mo ba datablitz ha gago? alam mo bang 2x na ng yari sakin bumili ako ng games dun tapos nung binayaran ko na chineck ko sa harap nila kung may damage ung cd. e biglang meron. may gasgas na malaki. so pinapalit ko. alam mo ang sabi? ang sabi kaylangan ko daw mag antay ng 1-2 weeks para investigate nila ung issue. papadala daw sa tech nila. e malay ko ba kung inabot sakin ganun.. twice un gago. diablo3 at mvc3. mga gago kau pareparehas nlng kau mag sama sama

      • mas bobo tong gago na to (violet avatar). mukhang hindi pa nakakabili sa datablitz! bago nila bigay sayo yung product mo bubuksan muna nila at papakita sayo yung cd kung ok ba sayo. tanga. at hindi lahat ng games nila R1. may mga R3 sila. isa ka pang nagmamarunong ka.

      • halatang tuta ng XPlay yan! ahaha malamang nautusang mag damage control sa mga website na kontra sa XPlay

    • I think the price is region specific, at least for the PS3. If you check, you will see that the Asian version sells for about 52USD (a little under P2,200) while the US version sells for about P2,460 like you mentioned. Heck, the Japan version costs about 70USD! So the price difference is a non-issue in my opinion.

      Further, if I remember it correctly when I purchased my copy of NBA 2k13, Datablitz also offers the Asian and US versions of the game for P2,000 and P2,400 respectively.

      Scouring the net, I can understand the motive behind X-Play Philippines’ move: they overpriced the game!

    • Price difference regardless of regions are based on discounts as well. Consumer pricing is different from reseller pricing…Mas mura kapag distributor or reseller ka kaya mabebenta mo sya sa consumer price or even cheaper para mas marami bumili sayo. May bulk order and discounts po kasi.

      • Reseller and consumer pricing aside, why is there a big gap in consumer price between XPlay-supplied stores and Datablitz? Assuming all other things equal (shipping fees, customs duties, other taxes, etc), Datablitz’ other supplier (the one who supplied the “unauthorized” copies) and XPlay (as the “authorized” supplier in the PH) should have procured the goods at basically the same price from 2K Games.

        XPlay may have overpriced the game when they sold copies to retailers and retailers have no choice but to pass on the expense to the end-users, the gaming public. Now the retailers are probably complaining that their goods are not moving because Datablitz are undercutting the price. Makes you think that if my assumption is true, then XPlay shot themselves in the foot, still, by overpricing.

        Nevertheless, my statement is only an opinion. XPlay still has the burden of producing proof that they are indeed the exclusive distributor of the game. It’s curious as to why they are taking such a long time to get legal clearance to do so.

  6. UPDATE 2:

    Another source with a firsthand account has contacted me, saying that the statements about regarding the search and arrests are accurate.

    *according to my dear sales ladies @ datablitz .. there were no arrest warrant for the employees but only search warrant for the goods, they were all invited by the police and when declined to do so .. they were harass, handcuffed, and threaten, they were detain for almost 24 hours, and was released but to my surprise, their names pop-up on the web, criminal cases were filed against them.
    I can not imagine how this thing happen, nakakaawa sila, sila ang naiipit sa umpukan ng dalawang companies.

    • BOBO KA BA HA? lahat ng games ng DATABLITZ puro US version lang.. wag ka ng c-comment pag bobo ka. tyaka pinag tatangol mo ba datablitz ha gago? alam mo bang 2x na ng yari sakin bumili ako ng games dun tapos nung binayaran ko na chineck ko sa harap nila kung may damage ung cd. e biglang meron. may gasgas na malaki. so pinapalit ko. alam mo ang sabi? ang sabi kaylangan ko daw mag antay ng 1-2 weeks para investigate nila ung issue. papadala daw sa tech nila. e malay ko ba kung inabot sakin ganun.. twice un gago. diablo3 at mvc3. mga gago kau pareparehas nlng kau mag sama sama

      • Tanga mo gago. Halatang wala kang console de puta. ANONG US VERSION LANG ANG BINEBENTA NILA SA DB? Bobo talaga tangina. Napaka tanga mo! If ever may damage yung CD nila, pinapapalitan nila ka-agad ng ibang stock at hindi nila pinagaantay ang customers ng 1-2 weeks unless pre-ordered yung game mo. Napakatanga mo gago.

      • may your heart be at peace, i do not intend to talk back at you with the manner you are talking *replying with my comment, i am merely sharing this to you. Ang layo naman kasi reply mo sa comment ko. TSK !!

      • tanga potah ka pla eh yun R3 asian yun ASIAN xplay staff ka yata kasi puro ka US hoy gago tanga at bobo at mang mang yang butas ng puwet mo potah ka sa PHILIPPINES tayo hindi to US

  7. Louie, Datablitz sells r1 games at around that price, sometimes a couple of hundreds more, r3 games are much cheaper… market value for r3 (asia) games are for the Asian market… obvious a world of difference, living standard wise, hence the cheaper price. $60.00 US dollars for a game does equate to Php 2,460.00 pesos in the Philippines IF it is a REGION 1 game. Now, if you don’t know the difference between r1 and r3 games… US market and Philippine/Asian market. Think again.

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  9. Ok, there is that. Still, there isn’t enough real evidence to make a firm stand is all. I can understand people are freaking out ’cause a beloved retailer is under duress. Just keeping an open mind for evidence to come out on both sides. If Datablitz didn’t do anything wrong, then they got nothing to worry about. But it’s tough to think Xplay did all this without expecting backlash. They could be thinking they’re also in the right and the courts will show all. I’ll just wait and see.

    • “But it’s tough to think Xplay did all this without expecting backlash.”
      I don’t think so. They didn’t expect anything because they assumed that most gamers here are idiots who just buy and play. They were proven wrong.

  10. Those are Kotong CIDG Cop, The Kotong CIDG Cop accept a large sum of bribery from X-Play. General Espina shoud fire those Kotong CIDG Cop.

  11. Yun mga CIDG Cop ay Kotong CIDG Cop, What kind of police are they? Corrupt CIDG Cop or Kotong CIDG Cop. General Espina should sack and fired those Corrupt CIDG Cop and Kotong CIDG Cop from their post. anung klaseng law enforcement nagthre-threaten ng tao, yun employee of DB is also Human, those Corrupt CIDG Cop and Kotong CIDG Cop are in the violation of Human Right.

  12. General Leonardo Espina should sack and fired Senior Supt. Gilbert Sosa from his position. Senior Supt. Gilbert Sosa is a Corrupt CIDG Cop.

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  14. In the first place, those cops only have search warrants with them they have no right to arrest Datablitz’s personnel nor jail them

  15. I might be wrong but… CIDG doesn’t have the mandate to close an establishment? There were some reports that they closed the establishment (probably because they hauled the DB personnel to Camp Crame)… hindi ba dapat DTI lang meron karapatan? Besides these are just search warrants… how come they arrested people based on a search warrant? Flip-flop ang nangyari… una kakasuhan ng piracy tapos ngayon without any investigation… they are now saying it’s smuggling? There is a big possibility that these guys basically threw-out the rule book and didn’t follow procedure in behalf of a “big fish”… kailangan yata ng more training ang ating mga kapulisan.

    • They probably threw the “smuggling” bit because they knew that their arrests had very little to stand on so they’re doing the only thing they know, throw everything until it sticks 🙂

  16. Most of the gamers in the country already know the issues, X-Play has filed a case against Datablitz, which the CIDG obtain a search warrant and confiscate copies of NBA 2k13 from Datablitz stores.

    Let’s clarify all of these. Although most news bits say Datablitz was selling “pirated” software, that’s not entirely accurate and is actually quite damaging to the reputation of DB. By definition, software piracy is the unauthorized reproduction. What Datablitz allegedly did was distribute a game, the exclusive distribution rights of which belonged to X-Play.

    While exclusive distributorship is anti-consumer, it still is legal. If Datablitz violated that, then yes, although I love Datablitz to bits and will continue to support them fully, they do have to abide by the law. But it should have been done properly, and it should not have tarnished their reputation this badly.

    • Reading from DB’s response

      2. Apart from just saying that they will be distributing NBA 2K13, XPlay has never indicated in any form of writing or communications whatsoever to DataBlitz that they are the exclusive distributor of the game.

      did XPlay properly disseminated the info that they are the exclusive distributor of the game? and why is GMA (which is affiliated with XPlay) saying DB was selling “pirated” software, then other news said it was about cybersex, then smuggling lol

      XPlay are playing dirty tactics

  17. X-Plays list of retailers.

    Diablo III

    iTech Trading
    F3 PCQuest
    F3 Warzone
    CyBr Network & Internet Cafe Webworx
    i-Quick Access Internet Kiosk Webworx
    F1 Computer shop/icafe
    Open Source
    RAC Computer Center
    Cyvilnet Internet Cafe
    Netmode Internet Cafe
    Niczac Internet Cafe
    Paf Internet Cafe
    Vogz Online
    North Pole Computer Shop
    Chill Inet Cafe
    Quantum Tech
    Mineski Gaming
    F3 Mineski Infinity
    F3 Gmick
    Digital Walker
    Beyond the Box
    Digital Hub
    Cebu Appliance Center
    Ed Cafe Kima Glass Company
    Battle Station
    Cyber City Ltd. Co.
    JRS Computer House
    Datalab Computer Systems – Malolos
    Datalab Computer Systems – Baliuag
    JLC School Mart
    Online Avenue
    Mai Mai Computers
    Atlantica Internet Cafe
    Game City – Holy Angel
    Game City 2 – AUF
    Netsomniac Internet Cafe
    Comsville Cyber Cafe
    PC Complex Dau Computer Center
    Project Zone Computer Services
    Microworld Computers
    PC Gilmore
    Game Gizmo

    Mists of Pandaria

    iTech Trading
    Game Gizmo

    NBA 2K13

    Game Xtreme
    Quagmire Ventures, Inc.
    Grand Gaisano
    Planet Toys
    Metro Gaisano
    Automatic Centre
    Toy Kingdom
    Toy Kingdom Express (SM Department Store)
    Toy Box (Robinsons Department Store)
    Lee Super Plaza
    iTech Trading
    SM Appliance
    Game Gizmo


  18. sinong tanga na nagsasabing puro US version lang binebenta ng Datablitz? i am a regular customer at Alabang Town Center, Festival Mall, Market! Market!, Ayala Center Cebu, and SM Cebu… i have all the consoles and handhelds and i buy a game every week. (oo, mayaman ako. fuck you). the first thing they ask when they sell me a game is the version of my consoles and accounts because it’s required to be able to play online (which i do).

    now, who the fuck is this Xplay? i have never heard of them or even seen them online so their legal mumbo-jumbo is mere rhetoric for all i care. sila ang dapat imbestigahan. Datablitz convinced me to buy original products here years ago as opposed to having a friend/relative from abroad buy it for me because almost everything here for the PS1/PS2/Dreamcast/Xbox was fake. as for the CIDG, they detained Datablitz employees with just a search warrant? they don’t even bother to see the Bureau of Customs stamps in their boxes for the products? the PNP is fucked once again. those are Kotong Cops tarnishing their already-dirty reputation any way you look at it.

  19. I saw and read the news about datablitz being sued by x-play for unauthorized reselling of games especially the acclaimed nba 2k13. This really caught my attention me being an avid gamer (PC and Console) and frequent customer of datablitz for about 2 years now.

    This as I see it is a very dirty marketing tactic by x-play to overthrow their competitors.

    A Really Really BIG BOO! to X-PLAY from ME and to other gaming communities! Play Fair!

  20. XPLAY walang bayag para gawin ang tama at walng utak para wag gawin ang mali.
    hindi malaking isyu ang distributorship, if they are anal about profits they should worry more about FAKE CDs which no one in XPlay has the balls to confront …. No Brains & No Balls, dangerous combination … GG for Xplay !

  21. do you think what X-Play did was overkill? why raid the whole store (plus main office and other branches), when they could just ask DB to pullout the affected games? first they (GMA7, partner of X-Play) told the public that Datablitz was selling “pirated goods” hence the raid. next they changed it to “unauthorized reselling”. now they’re saying “smuggled goods” which is it really? ano nakalagay na reason sa search warrant? at meron ba silang arrest warrant para sa mga empleyado ng DB? that’s illegal detention. tapos ngayon sinasabi nila na they have no “hand” sa raid? what?! you have X-Play representatives when the CIDG conducted the raid! now i really doubt this “exclusive distribution” that they have. ang tagal nang nagbebenta ng 2k games ang DB. ang X-Play ngayon taon lang. they have what? 3 games? (D3, MOP, 2K13) D3 from the now defunct E-Games.

  22. Mga kapuso, kapamilya at kapatid ayun sa akin bubuwit, ang x-play po ay nag file ng complaint sa CIDG, kaya po na approved yung Search Warrant kasi may authorized representative sila at lawyers (take note may “s”) pa. May mga document po na binigay and X-Play na nagpapatunay na sila lang and exclusive distributor sa P’nas ng NBA2K13. Dahil approved yung Search Warrant, ang mga nakumpiska na NBA2K13 ay illegal na maituturing. Ang paghuli sa mga tauhan ng Datablitz ay sa kadahilanang sila ang nagbebenta ng illegal (in reference with Search Warrant). Katulad po yan ng Search Warrant ng illegal drugs, dapat hulihin yung mga tao sa laboratoryo ng illegal drugs (though the gravity of crime is not equal, but similarly situated). Yung pagpapa-uwi at pagpili lang ng kinasuhan, yan and hindi ko mapaliwanang at malaking TANONG!!!


  23. unfair competition?
    – kasi mahal benta namin kaya dapat mahal din benta niyo.

    presyo ng 2K13 PC

    DataBlitz = P1295
    play-asia = $28.69 = P1181 (free s/h to phil)
    amazon = $28.24 = P1163
    EBGames = $29.99 = P1234
    Walmart = $29.96 = P1234
    X-Play = P1995


    unauthorized dealership?
    – san nakalagay na sila ang “exclusive” note the word “exclusive”. sila ang official yes, pero not exclusive.

    so ano basis nung search warrant? ang unang binalita nila “piracy”, then they changed it to “unauthorized selling”, they changed it again to “smuggling”.

    now pano yung mga employees?
    – illegal detention?

    sabi nila they have no hand sa CIDG raid.
    – sino niloko nila? nandun mga lawyers sila supervising the raid!

    GMA/X-Play/philstar partnership
    – hindi nakalagay sa GMA news na partner nila ang X-Play nung naglabas sila ng article.

  24. its nice to see that XPlay is now labeled with the following:
    – with being as dirty as the pinoy politicians and CIDG cops (or the average pinoy police..not all, but many of them)
    – with spreading lies through a sister media company

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  26. My god, kaya ayokong nagbabasa ng mga comment ng Pinoy, nakaka-sabaw ng utak. Parang 4chan lang. *facepalm*

    Also, I did not expect X-play to have THAT many resellers/partners and be NEW in the market. Whoever they are, malaking tao backer nito.

  27. if your an exclusive distributor you should publish this on all mass media, if not all other interested parties will do parallel import, you cannot just but-in when everyone has already imported a copy and say “im the Exclusive distributor” thats retarded!!!

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  29. Simple lang yan kung hindi yan smuggle, datablitz should post their customs payment para matapos na, ibig sabihin legal ang products.

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