From Inside X-Play: How X-Play is Dealing with PR Nightmare, More Info on X-Play’s Partnerships

Vidjogames has been contacted by a source connected to X-Play; and we’ve verified the validity of the source’s connection to the company. The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, sheds light on how X-Play has been dealing with the PR nightmare that the CIDG raids on Datablitz has  created, and X-Play’s  partnerships with game publishers.

According to the source, the NBA 2K Philippines Facebook page, which claims to be “the unofficial fan page of NBA 2K13” is  part of and run by X-Play. This is actually made obvious by the page’s X-Play/NBA 2K13 cover photo, and because the page only posted X-Play’s statements on the raid issue. However, what’s weird is that when the page posted X-Play’s press release, the page said “We were able to get our hands on the official statement ” as if the statement came from a different source when the page was also being run by X-Play personnel. Whether it was just weird wording or a motive to appear independent from X-Play is not clear at the moment.

The source also stated that X-Play PR-folk (outsourced) have been creating dummy accounts across the various local forums where the issue was being discussed, in order to try and ease up the beating X-Play has been getting, and build some goodwill on the company’s part.

As for the question of whether X-Play took advantage of their connection with GMA News in order to damage Datablitz’s reputation further, the source said that X-Play did not ask GMA to write the initial article; which claimed that Datablitz was selling pirated copies of games. Knowing this, it can be assumed that GMA got the false info from clueless cops who thought they actually got copies of pirated games. It’s kind of sad that cops or media can be that bad at reporting/verifying whether DB sells pirated games when there are signs like this inside DB’s branches.

The source also discussed X-Play’s partnerships with external entities. According to the source, X-Play has dealings with Blizzard, 2K Sports (the source however was not familiar with the specific details of this partnership), and NBA Philippines (in cooperation with Philstar, which runs the site).

By having dealings with Blizzard and Take 2, X-Play is connected by extension to Activision and Take 2 Interactive, as Blizzard is a subsidiary of Activition, and 2K sports is a subsidiary of Take 2. Because of this, and this is purely speculation at this point, X-Play might be looking into being the exclusive local distributor for other heavy hitting titles such as Call of Duty (published by Activision) and Grand Theft Auto (published by Take 2 Interactive).

In closing, the source blamed the bad press X-Play has been getting on false reporting by the media, and the harsh methods taken by the police.

Vidjogames might have additional information on this story as the weekend progresses.


The source maintains that as previously reported, X-Play had nothing to do with the raid and for the most part, the company was taken off-guard by what happened . At the very least – the source was unaware of any communications between his company and the CIDG after the initial complaint was filed back in late October, after NBA 2K13 was released.

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22 thoughts on “From Inside X-Play: How X-Play is Dealing with PR Nightmare, More Info on X-Play’s Partnerships

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  2. Just more damage control form the money monglers over at Xplay. It’s too late now no one wants to buy your overpriced games. Also I like it how Xplay says they have nothing to do with the raids whne their lawyers were present during the raid and arrest of regular employees.

  3. How do we know that these revelations aren’t themselves fabrications to control the damage? That they’re creating sock puppets is disturbing news that adds authenticity to your source, but I still question the parts of GMA News Online, and other media outlets on this matter. Similarly, I’m still dubious about X-Play’s “limited” connection to the CIDG’s raid operation.

  4. Now XPlay is now dealing with it own PH Nightmare, PH Gaming Community against XPlay. XPlay really just dug his own grave. Boycotting XPlay.

  5. Well, a lot are and will be boycotting those games “exclusively” distributed by X-play. Wait until COD will also be in the list.

    As for me, I’m now buying my games from somewhere else. Imagine the other thousands more that will be doing that.

  6. At sino bang linoloko nitong Xplay. Sabi sila ng sabi wala silang kinalaman sa raid pero ang daming reports na present ang lawyers nila nung raid at nakikipag coordinate sa CIDG up until the illegal detention of regular employees for upto 24 hours. Sa pinakaunang official statement rin nila wala silang sinabi di nila alam ganun ka extreme ang ginawa ng CIDG. Walang remorse at ang overall tone and choice of words ng statement ay parang isip nila ay justified ang ginawa nilang pagraid sa DB. Nung sumobra lang talaga ang backlash at hindi tumigil nagrelease sila ng statements na wala “surprised” sila yan gagawin ng CIDG. ULUL NIYO XPLAY.

  7. X-Play should fire its PR people. They’re P.T. Barnum horrible! It’s appalling how bad PR people in the Philippines have become. Have they not learned that honesty and transparency is the best way to clean up a mess?

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  9. if xplay had nothing to do with the raid, then how come meron reports that an xplay lawyer was present during the raid? tutoo ba yun?

  10. hmm… X-play… a subsidiary of the gaming unit of publicly-listed IPVG Corp, Ip e-Games… which is a trademark of Level Up Inc… that’s under license to Playweb Games Inc…

    these X-play people aren’t just distributors, they get their muscle from (or for all we know, they are) the same people who run those local online games! no wonder they can easily get GMA 7 to lie for them and bribe the CIDG to raid Datablitz because they’ve got the resources to pull it off. who the hell wants to be a shareholder for these crooks? the sad reality is that even if you boycott X-play’s games, they’ll still profit from their higher-ups who just make money off people who can’t afford their own PC or console.

  11. Hahha XPlay “had nothing to do with the raid and for the most part, the company was taken off-guard by what happened”? Like hell. How would our bungling, inept, and impossible to mobilize with any sense of order and efficiency police be able to mobilize and confiscate 2.65M pesos worth of games nationwide if not for a well-orchestrated operation from the top?

    This needed a strong directive from a very powerful person/police chief/politician to pull off, seeing how forceful it was, how brazenly defiant of legal process, and how organized it was on a national level. Why would some politician or police chief do so without any prodding? They could have done this a lot earlier with any block buster game. They didn’t, because XPlay’s top brass only pulled their connections with the police/politicians today to do it — make no mistake, this wasn’t done randomly by the police. Someone was pulling the strings.

    You’re not fooling us XPlay, we Filipino gamers who buy games are educated, intelligent people. We see you for the greedy bastards you are, and will call you out at every turn.

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