Reuters: X-Play Signed Deal with Take 2 for Exclusive Local Publishing of an “Online Sports Social Web Game”

TipidPC member “y3kman” has uncovered a Reuters news post stating that X-Play Online Games Inc. actually signed a deal with Take-Two International S.A . (a subsidiary of Take 2 Interactive) to be the exclusive distributor of one of its products. However, the product that X-Play got the exclusivity for may not be NBA 2K13.

According to the Reuters news post dated April 26, 2012

IP E-Game Ventures, Inc announced that its subsidiary, X-Play Online Games Incorporated signed an exclusive local publishing agreement with Take-Two International S.A., a subsidiary of Take-Two International Software Inc, for an online sports social web game. The said online social web game will be locally hosted and operated in the Philippines. The company is expected to increase its publishing revenues from the new title.


TipidPC member kutojin has also found an old GMA News post dated April 27, 2012 (basically the same day the Reuters news post was released) which also reported on the deal between X-Play and Take 2:

A new sports-themed online social game will soon be hosted and run in the Philippines, IP E-Games Ventures disclosed Friday to the investing public through the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

E-Games said it sees its game publishing revenues substantially increasing from the new title it will produce in partnership with Take-Two International S.A.

Take-Two and E-Games’ subsidiary X-Play Online Games Inc. signed an exclusive local publishing agreement to formalize their team-up.

X-Play is a joint venture between E-Games and GMA New Media, Inc., a subsidiary of GMA Network listed in the PSE.

Take-Two is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., a developer, marketer and publisher of interactive entertainment.

Among Take-Two’s popular sports titles are NBA 2K11, NBA 2K12, Major League Baseball 2 K11.

It also publishes Grand Theft Auto and L.A. Noire. Earl Rosero/TJD, GMA News

Article continues:

While NBA 2K13 is obviously a sports game with online play, it is also obviously not a social web game. By doing a little more digging, Vidjogames found a news release (dated October 25, 2012) from Take 2’s official website which mentions a social game entitled NBA 2K All-Stars. The game is described as “ free-to-play, official NBA mobile social game that is currently available on GREE’s social networking platform in Japan. The title, developed by CyberAgent, has attracted more than 300K users in less than 60 days.” Additional information can be found at, which said that the game is “a social basketball card game using real players, for GREE. The license makes it possible to feature a total of 500 real basketball players from all 30 NBA teams.”

The Take 2 news release also mentions that NBA 2K All-Stars, together with Pro Baseball 2K and NBA 2K Online, are Take 2’s mobile/social projects in the Asian Region. It is currently unknown whether NBA 2K All Stars is the online sports social web game which X-Play got the local publishing exclusivity for (as described in the Reuters post). It should be noted that during the whole Datablitz/X-Play/NBA 2K13 fiasco, X-Play has not made any references to the said game.

And while the Reuters /GMA reports don’t discount the possibility that X-Play also has a deal for local publishing exclusivity for NBA 2K13, the two reports are the only news sources detailing any sort of deal between X-Play and Take 2 (aside from X-Play themselves saying that Take 2 recognizes them as the exclusive local distributor of NBA 2K13). 

Below are some screenshots of NBA 2K All-Stars (iOS browser) from Dr. Serkan Toto (click link for more screenshots) 

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8 thoughts on “Reuters: X-Play Signed Deal with Take 2 for Exclusive Local Publishing of an “Online Sports Social Web Game”

  1. gg na xplay. kahit na kayong may exclusive rights mali parin ginawa niyo sa pag raid at detaining of DB staff. Pero pag wala pala kayong exclusive rights? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA.

  2. There should have been a press release that X-Play is the exclusive distributor of NBA2K13 if they have indeed inked a deal with Take 2. Unfortunately, wala namang lumabas so I doubt they have exclusivity on it unless they can show documentation. After all, you would want to advertise to the whole country that you are selling this title.

  3. X-Play can now change its name to X-Fail. After all, they didn’t even know what contract they got from 2k and Take Two interactive. They just showed how much big corporations can bully smaller ones around here – and bring in some stoop government officials to go with it. Another reason, why we still lack official game releases here.

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