Datablitz vs. X-Play: Here are the Facts

The purpose of this article is to list down the most important facts surrounding the Datablitz vs. X-Play case. For an in-depth look at the important events before, during, and after the Datablitz Raid (including press releases from the two companies), please refer to the following posts:

Another reason why this entry was written is because media outlets still fail to present both sides of the story, and because other netizens mistake actual facts for rumors.

The facts of the case currently available to us are listed below:

Fact: X-Play claims to be have local publishing/distributing exclusivity for NBA 2K13.

Fact: To this date, X-Play has not been able to present to the public, any legal document/contract which proves that they actually have local publishing exclusivity for NBA 2K13.

Fact: There is currently no news source (aside from X-Play themselves) stating/detailing that X-Play is indeed the exclusive local distributor/publisher of NBA 2K13

Fact: In a Reuters/GMA news post, it was said that X-Play reached an agreement with Take 2 and secured local publishing exclusivity for an “Online Sports Social Web Game”

Fact: According to Datablitz, X-Play’s lawyers were present during the raids and actually supervised the whole thing.

Fact: According to X-Play, they had nothing to do with the raids on DB branches and the detention of DB staff. They only acknowledge that they filed an unfair competition complaint with the CIDG because DB was selling “unauthorized” copies of NBA 2K13.

Fact: According to Datablitz, X-Play, in any form of communication, has not indicated to DB that they are the exclusive local distributor of NBA 2K13.

Fact: According to the timeline released by X-Play, one of the discussion points in the meetings between X-Play and DB was that X-Play was to be the exclusive local distributor of NBA 2K13.

Vidjogames has also sent an email to both Datablitz and X-Play asking for more information/clarification, and has also asked X-Play when the public can expect them to release their NBA 2K13 contract with Take 2. However, Vidjogames, as expected, has not received a reply from either of the two companies.

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