X-Play’s Law firm confirms that X-Play’s NBA 2K13 deal is with EpicSoft and not Take 2

PinoyDVD members Dan (who provided the image ) and jackryan have found a notice to the public statement from X-Play’s law firm in Today’s edition of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. As previously reported, the notice states that X-Play has a “sub-distributorship” agreement with EpicSoft for all versions of NBA 2K13; and Take 2 was not directly involved in the deal.

Please see the complete notice below:

It should be pointed out that NBA 2K13 publisher Take 2 Interactive is not mentioned in the notice. Because of this, the following questions should be asked:

1. Why did X-Play say that Take 2 recognizes them as the exclusive Philippine Distributor of NBA 2K13 (even saying that an actual contract exists) when right now, it looks like they did not have a direct deal with Take 2 to begin with?

2. Is EpicSoft authorized by Take 2 to be the exclusive distributor of NBA 2K13  in Asia/Southeast Asia? And is it authorized by Take 2 to give out local exclusivity rights to sub-distributors? (credit to PinoyDVD member Verbl Kint for bringing this up).

While it looks like this X-Play/Datablitz story is nearing its end, as all the important details continue to unravel, an official statement from 2K Sports/Take 2, or an actual contract is still needed to confirm whether X-Play actually has exclusivity for NBA 2K13.

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