What is Vidjogames?

Vidjogames is website that’s aspiring to be the go-to site for video gamers in the Philippines. The site will cover consoles, portable/mobile devices, PC gaming, and will be written specifically for the Filipino gaming community.  To make the site cater to the Filipino gamer, reviews of games and gaming devices will include prices from popular retail stores, local release dates will be spotlighted, feature stories will center on issues faced by the Filipino gamer, local gaming events will be covered, and lastly, the Filipino game development community will be covered as well.

While some local gamers might expect the site to cover anime/cosplay and PC hardware, Vidjogames will refrain from covering the said stories as the site aims to focus on solely on video games.

Expect to read a steady flow of gaming news, reviews, and features so check back often!

About the name

The name comes from how some Filipino kids (or adults) pronounce video games as /”vidjogames”/. A good example can be heard in the Filipino-made animated movie RPG Metanoia, wherein the main character says “vidjogames” in a very distinguishable manner.

About the author

Vidjogames is run by Gerard Martin Cueto, a life-long gamer and game development professional.

Plans for the site

Currently, the site is using WordPress but there are plans to purchase an actual domain, a proper web host, and an infinitely better design if the site gains enough hits and regular visitors.


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