Datablitz vs. X-Play: Here are the Facts

The purpose of this article is to list down the most important facts surrounding the Datablitz vs. X-Play case. For an in-depth look at the important events before, during, and after the Datablitz Raid (including press releases from the two companies), please refer to the following posts:

Another reason why this entry was written is because media outlets still fail to present both sides of the story, and because other netizens mistake actual facts for rumors.

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A Look at Philippine Game Studios

The Philippines currently houses more than a few game development studios. Some are homegrown while others are local branches of international companies. Most of the studios in our shores, save for a few who specialize in art outsourcing, work on casual and mobile games. Here’s a look at the more prominent game development studios in the country and the games that they’ve produced.

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The Difference Between Playing Games and Testing Games

The following blog post was written some time during my year-long stint as a game tester.

Game playing and game testing are very much connected. This is probably the reason why it’s very easy for gamers to think that working as a game tester is all fun and games. After all, if you like playing games then testing games must not feel like work at all right? Not really.

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Reuters: X-Play Signed Deal with Take 2 for Exclusive Local Publishing of an “Online Sports Social Web Game”

TipidPC member “y3kman” has uncovered a Reuters news post stating that X-Play Online Games Inc. actually signed a deal with Take-Two International S.A . (a subsidiary of Take 2 Interactive) to be the exclusive distributor of one of its products. However, the product that X-Play got the exclusivity for may not be NBA 2K13.

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From Inside X-Play: How X-Play is Dealing with PR Nightmare, More Info on X-Play’s Partnerships

Vidjogames has been contacted by a source connected to X-Play; and we’ve verified the validity of the source’s connection to the company. The source, speaking on the condition of anonymity, sheds light on how X-Play has been dealing with the PR nightmare that the CIDG raids on Datablitz has  created, and X-Play’s  partnerships with game publishers.

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In Defense of Datablitz: Analyzing Datablitz’s Official Statements regarding CIDG Raid, Inside Sources Speak Out (updated)

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Datablitz has released an official statement in response to the CIDG raids that took place earlier this week.

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Datablitz branches raided by PNP-CIDG for unauthorized selling of NBA 2K13, falsely accused of selling pirated games


Datablitz has released an official statement regarding this.

Original story is as follows:

Datablitz, the Philippines’ most established retailer of original/legitimate video game merchandise, was raided by the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) for selling copies of NBA 2K13 that were not distributed by the alleged “official” local distributor of the game, X-Play Online Games, Inc.

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