Philippine Game Development Festival 2012 to Take Place on December 7-8

The Philippine Game Development Festival, the country’s biggest game development event, is set to take place on December 7-8, 2012. The festival will be held at the University of the Philippines – Diliman’s Bahay ng Alumni. If you wish to attend the festival, you can register here.


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A Look at Philippine Game Studios

The Philippines currently houses more than a few game development studios. Some are homegrown while others are local branches of international companies. Most of the studios in our shores, save for a few who specialize in art outsourcing, work on casual and mobile games. Here’s a look at the more prominent game development studios in the country and the games that they’ve produced.

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The Difference Between Playing Games and Testing Games

The following blog post was written some time during my year-long stint as a game tester.

Game playing and game testing are very much connected. This is probably the reason why it’s very easy for gamers to think that working as a game tester is all fun and games. After all, if you like playing games then testing games must not feel like work at all right? Not really.

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Game Development Schools in the Philippines

As fans of video games, I’m sure most of us have wondered how video games are actually made. Some really passionate gamers take the said question to heart and eventually get to help make games themselves. These people become game development professionals.

People who work in the game development industry are a varied bunch. There are game designers, game programmers, game artists/animators, game testers, game producers, and other less common roles. In the Philippines and for several years now, schools have been offering game development courses that enable students to take up the highly-specialized roles that function in creating a video game.

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