In Response to IGN Asia Pacific’s “Overview: Gaming in the Philippines”

IGN Asia Pacific recently published an “overview” article written by Ms. Danielle Ordoñez to describe the gaming scene in the Philippines, and while the picture it painted is pretty accurate as far as PC gaming is concerned, it also presented a narrow and faulty generalization of console gaming in the country. Additionally, other facets of the local gaming scene like arcades, handheld/mobile gaming, the used-games market, and the issue of piracy were left out. This article was written in response to Ms. Ordoñez’s piece and aims to provide a more complete overview of the Philippine gaming scene.

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Datablitz branches raided by PNP-CIDG for unauthorized selling of NBA 2K13, falsely accused of selling pirated games


Datablitz has released an official statement regarding this.

Original story is as follows:

Datablitz, the Philippines’ most established retailer of original/legitimate video game merchandise, was raided by the Philippine National Police’s Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) for selling copies of NBA 2K13 that were not distributed by the alleged “official” local distributor of the game, X-Play Online Games, Inc.

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Game Development Schools in the Philippines

As fans of video games, I’m sure most of us have wondered how video games are actually made. Some really passionate gamers take the said question to heart and eventually get to help make games themselves. These people become game development professionals.

People who work in the game development industry are a varied bunch. There are game designers, game programmers, game artists/animators, game testers, game producers, and other less common roles. In the Philippines and for several years now, schools have been offering game development courses that enable students to take up the highly-specialized roles that function in creating a video game.

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